Woodlands Pre School and Nursery

Some of the comments from our parents: 

''All the staff go above and beyond to provide the best care to the children. The setting is also exciting and fun for the children with a large variety of different activities. There is something for each child.'' (Parent questionnaire 2017)

"The staff are very thoughtful of each child's different needs and abilities and treat children as individuals rather than one size fits all." (Parent questionnaire, 2017)

''Woodlands Pre-School has always promoted diversity and this is important for the children. They learn broad range of skills by 'playing' and this is well measured and documented.'' (Parent questionnaire, 2016

''The excellent level of care, staff are approachable and work with parents to achieve the best for the children and their development. We always recommend Woodlands to families and friends.'' (Parent questionnaire, 2016) 

I am so happy with Woodlands that I have just signed my daughter up for a place for as soon as she reaches two! - Mum of Callum (aged 2) 

"My son started coming to Woodlands Pre-School & Nursery two years ago as we wanted him to have social interaction with other children his age and to build his confidence. The change in him has been amazing and Woodlands has been key to making him the happy, confident and sociable little boy he is today. Woodlands have a genuine passion for children and are supportive and sensitive to their needs and development. He comes home every day having had a fun filled and interesting day with a massive smile on his face. The things he has learnt during his time there have given him a great head start for starting school in September and Woodlands are supportive with things being taught at home by encouraging in the setting also.

''Our eldest son attended Woodlands and both us and him were happy that the Nursery was small and had a family atmosphere. The staff were always helpful and available to speak about our child. We felt our child was treated as an individual. The setting encouraged our son to learn without being too pushy.'' - Mother to Isabella, February 2016 

We will greatly miss coming to Woodlands in September and I just hope his new school can live up to the outstanding standards we have experienced at Woodlands." Lucy Owen - Mother to Myles (aged 4) March 2013

Snack Time

"Our son atrtended Woodlands Pre-School & Nursery, and the changes we see in him today are beyond our expectations. Our son had some special education needs, which were handled very swiftly and effectively by all the staff members. We would especially like to thank the SENCo working with our son, for her calmness, guidance and support. Not only she has been such a great teacher for him, she has also constantly guided us throughout his stay in the school.

Thanks to this Nursery where our son has learnt the concept of a 'school' and a 'class'. He has been able to move into the reception class without any problems because of such a good foundation. We are very glad that we chose Woodlands as the Nursery for our son." - Monica (mother of Ahaan)

"After sending my eldest child to the Nursery and seeing how well the Nursery gave her confidence and support, I decided to send my second child so she could have the same great start. The Nursery has assisted me and helped her to become toilet trained, build and have great confidence. They have also helped her speech and understanding. I love this Nursery, its aims, morals and staff commitment to each indivdual child. - Thank you Woodlands." - Freya's Mum (aged 3)


"The reason we recommend Woodlands Pre-School & Nursery is because we have trust in the good work they do and because we have seen so much change and progress in our son since he has been there. He has become more sociable and his speech has developed considerably. He also seems to be exploring his abilities, takes more initiative and makes effort to complete tasks.

The staff at Woodlands helped Dominick adjust quickly and made him feel comfortable and content. There's a homely feeling at the Nursery, the staff are very friendly and communicative. They always give a lot of feedback and information about ongoing matters at the Nursery as well as the kids' progress. Children are engaged into different activities every day, which combine learning and playing.

Finally, we think that, it is the people who work at the Nursery who make it a special place, with their enthusiasm and love for what they do. They teach children new skills, help them develop, teach them right and wrong, and combine all these with having lots of fun!" - Parents of Dominick (aged 3)


From a parent after being shown around Woodlands. Upon returning the application form for her child to go on the waiting list and in response to the following question;

1. What made you consider sending your child to Woodlands Pre-School & Nursery at this time?

  • The size of intake and quality of teaching
  • Personal approach to each child 
  • Secured access to the nursery
  • Interaction with parents
  • Positive experience at visit                                                                                (July 2017)